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Part Zero: Getting set up

Let’s create a new Rust project:

$ cargo new --lib
error: The following required arguments were not provided:

    cargo new <path> --lib

For more information try --help

Oh, yeah, we need a name. Hmmm. Let’s open the thesaurus and search for ‘language’: displaying synonyms for the word ‘language’

Speech, writing, conversation … ooh, utterance. I like the sound of that! Time to check if it’s taken.

A search for ‘utterance’ on GitHub, showing that multiple projects have already taken the name

Damn, it’s already taken. Maybe I can do what so many projects seem to do and use a random non-English word. Let’s try Esperanto:

Google Translate showing that the Esperanto word for ‘utterance’ is ‘eldiro’

That doesn’t sound too bad, so let’s check GitHub again:

GitHub search results for ‘eldiro’, showing that the name isn’t taken yet

Not even one repository. Fantastic! So, finally, let’s create the project:

$ cargo new --lib eldiro
     Created library `eldiro` package